VIDEO- Occupancy Management: example of application in a Supermarket in Peru

The Occupancy Management + Social Distancing module used to control and limit the entrances to a Supermarket in Peru. A "traffic light" display shows the total capacity data and the places still available.


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🔴 Occupancy Management + Social Distancing
The Occupancy and Social Distancing module allows you to optimally manage the entrances and the flow of visitors entering and inside the spaces (shops, offices, fairs, museums, etc.), in order to comply with the needs of post Covid-19 safety and guaranteeing high levels of customer satisfaction .
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Visionarea People Counting System
The Visionarea People Counting System
The Visionarea People Counting System allows you to collect truly useful data to maximize sales opportunities and optimize the management of spaces , marketing campaigns and staff in shops, shopping centers, museums, entertainment venues, offices and transport.
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