Setting up and installation of an Integrated People Counting System for real-time detection and monitoring of actual man/days on the construction sites of the real estate division of Poste Italiane.



POSTE ITALIANE - Area Immobiliare Nord-Ovest


Poste Italiane's Real Estate division deals with Poste Italiane's real estate infrastructure.

An important part of the division's activity is the management of construction sites for the renovation of obsolete buildings.

The customer is looking for a supplier for the design, testing and management of a real-time detection and monitoring system of actual man/days at construction site level

The monitoring serves as a support for the management of the progress of the works on site, comparing it with other data relating to the works.

Visionarea Solution

The detection of inputs/outputs takes place with 3D technology with sensors connected to the network via SIM cards.

A Dashboard centered on the construction site was developed, created together with the customer.

 An immediate alert system allows you to intervene immediately in the event of connection problems on site. The Visionarea support carries out daily checks to verify the layout of the area covered by the sensor (the layout can change drastically in a construction site contest).

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