🔴 Occupancy Management + Social Distancing

The Occupancy and Social Distancing module allows you to optimally manage the entrances and the flow of visitors entering and inside the spaces (shops, offices, fairs, museums, etc.), in order to comply with the needs of post Covid-19 safety and guaranteeing high levels of customer satisfaction.

Key features

Entrance management
Queue management and Crowd detection
Threshold setting, Alerts and Trend forecast
Slot reservation system
Automatic temperature detection

Scope &Targets

Shops and chain stores
Shopping centers
Grocery shops
Smart Buildings & Offices
Fairs & Events


Cutting-edge Technology made in EU
Easy and Quick Installation
No impact on existing network infrastructure
Fully customizable
Constant support & Worldwide coverage



Technical specifications

  • The movement of visitors is detected by means of optical 3D sensors arranged to cover the monitored areas seamlessly
  • The temperature measurement is carried out through thermal cameras
  • Data are recorded in real time and transmitted to all connected devices and platforms such as dashboards, displays to be positioned at the entrance and inside the spaces, mobile applications to be provided to final users, websites and intranet.

Key features

  • Precise and timely monitoring of attendance (both indoors and outdoors) with alerts on reaching the set thresholds
  • Queue management and forecasts for pass-through and check-out times (entrances, cash desks, dressing rooms, toilets, etc.)
  • Slot booking app: allows end users to get to know and reserve free slots (entrances, access to canteens, offices, etc.)
  • Transmission of occupancy data / waiting times on displays or on web / mobile applications
  • Automated temperature control with thermal cameras (optional)
  • Optimized staff management based on the actual number of visitors in each area
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VIDEO- Occupancy Management: example of application in a Supermarket in Peru
VIDEO- Occupancy Management: example of application in a Supermarket in Peru
The Occupancy Management + Social Distancing module used to control and limit the entrances to a Supermarket in Peru. A "traffic light" display shows the total capacity data and the places still available.  

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