The Visionarea People Counting System

The Visionarea People Counting System allows you to collect truly useful data to maximize sales opportunities and optimize the management of spaces, marketing campaigns and staff in shops, shopping centers, museums, entertainment venues, offices and transport.

The future of People Counting is already here

Counting the number of visitors (fooftall) is the first fundamental step to really understand your business and evaluate its performance: from the single store, to large chains, shopping centers, museums, entertainment venues, offices and transport systems, Visionarea is able to offer customized solutions that not only provide a timely detection of traffic (with an accuracy of up to 99%) but also of their behavior and purchasing habits, providing valuable predictive information to business management thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms (what are the most profitable moments and areas? Where can you improve? How better to distribute your staff? How is my shop performing compared to the others?)

Key features

Anonymous data collection (GDPR) 
Advanced performance and marketing analysis (KPI)
Customer segmentation & Staff Exclusion 
Integration with other data 
Sensors equipped with integrated software


Shop & Store Chains
Shopping centers
Grocery Stores
Smart Buildings & Offices
Transport system
Fairs & Events 


Easy and Quick Installation
No impact on network infrastructure
Maximum design flexibility
Constant supervision and support
High precision technology made in EU
Worldwide coverage




People counter sensors for counting and analysing traffic flows at the point of sale of shops, shopping centres, museums, buildings, events and fairs.

For counting traffic at access points
It is possible to use sensors with different characteristics, depending on the environmental and traffic conditions.

  • 3D binocular sensor  installed on the ceiling, ensures accuracy even in conditions of high, concentrated traffic flow, suitable for advanced analysis (excludes children from the count, distinguishes the passages of visitors from those of the staff, detects unique visitors)
  • Ceiling mounted TOF sensor with independent connection, accurate even in low or no light conditions
  • Infra-red sensor with batteries, ideal for a low traffic flow and passages under 2 meters


People counter sensors and analytics software for the analysis of customers and visitors' behaviour inside the monitored area.

By tracking customer movements, you identify the most used routes, stopping areas and the effectiveness of promotions. The sensors allows you to determine:

A turnkey people counting service

We follow you through all the stages of the project. We take care of design, installation, configuration, acquisition of the counter data and integration
Together we analyse your needs, we define the ideal people counting system for your business, we follow you during the analysis and reporting phases.

The strengths of our solution

  • CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY: we supply sensors with high standards of accuracy for each specific need
  • DATA COLLECTION AND VALIDATION: thanks to pre-set alerts the system guarantees integrity and completeness of the data collected by the sensors
  • CLOUD: the data is collected on our Cloud and can be consulted via a PC, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection. Upon request, we develop customized clouds for the customer
  • ANALYSIS TOOL: Easy-to-use interactive dashboards for analysis and exports
  • DATA INTEGRATION FROM DIFFERENT SOURCES: an integrated system to generate several KPIs concerning the point of sale activity
  • GLOBAL COVERATE: we cover the whole Italian territory and thanks to the collaboration with local installers, any part of the world
  • COSTANT SUPPORT: our support is available to help you get the most out of your people counting system


Cloud Visionarea - acquisizione dati e report interattivi


MonitorEyes | CMS is a powerful Retail Analytics tool that is made available to all our customers for the aggregation and analysis of data collected by sensors and other customer sources. Visit the dedicated page

Visitatori per fascia oraria software MonitorEyes - Visionarea
Andamento punti vendita, MonitorEyes - Visionarea
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