3D-S2 Binocular sensor

The 3D binocular people counter, thanks to the stereoscopic vision, guarantees the highest levels of accuracy in any environmental condition. A wide range of counting applications meet the different needs of people detection and tracking.



The most advanced applications make it possible to generate data from events and to carry out conditional counting (for example, the exclusive counting of people coming from a predefined area).

  • Visitor counting
  • traffic counting in any defined area (occupancy zones)
  • waiting time and time spent in specific zones
  • heatmap
  • staff exclusion
  • recognition of purchasing groups


Technical Specifications

The multi-sensor technology makes it possible to manage with multiple sensors in battery, gates or areas that exceed the field of view of the single sensor, without generating redundancies in the detection.

  • 3D Stereo Vision Technology
  • High level of accuracy (close to 99%)
  • automatic data transmission to the server via LAN/Internet
  • Power Supply : PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • Remote diagnostics sensor operation
  • GDPR compliant


A double optic (right and left) takes up the detection area from two different angles, as happens in binocular vision to perceive depth. The sensor calculates this optical disparity for each pixel of the image and generates a 3D image of the entire scene.

The subsequent processing involves recognition and tracking. The artificial intelligence algorithms (AI) implemented in the 3D sensor - S2 allow to track the path made by each visitor of the sales area (from the moment of entry to the checkout area). These data form the basis for a complete and in-depth in-store analysis. 3D technology is  extremely precise even in the presence of light changes, heat sources, obstruction of the visual field (for example, the presence of a promotional poster in the detection area).

To comply with privacy regulations, the 3D sensor - S2 processes images without recording them and only sends metadata to our  Cloud platform.

Questo sensore rientra nella gamma Visionarea per identificare massimizzare le tue opportunità di vendita.