Queue Management

Use the Visionarea People Counter to optimally manage the queue at the checkout: minimize the time spent by your customers in line, improve customer satisfaction, increase sales and better manage staff.


Monitoring and alarm system for real-time check-out management

Many researches confirm that as waiting times at the checkout increase, there is a clear reduction in turnover, leaving a sense of frustration in customers. The Visionarea People Counting system uses Sensors equipped with Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms that measure the number of customers, dwell times and exit speed for monitoring the consistency of queues at the checkout, in a completely anonymous GDPR compliant mode. The management of the queues at the checkout also allows to optimize the use of the sales staff, distributing them according to the real needs thanks to predictive analysis.

Briefly, our system allows you to:

  • Set up a real-time alert system for the instant opening of additional cash desks, upon the occurrence of pre-established and customized conditions
  • Integrate alerts with point of sale communication systems (audio / video)
  • Create reports for the historical analysis of alarms at the store level

Key Features

Real Time Detection
Alerts and Notifications
Reports for historical and predictive analysis
Data acquisition in Full GDPR compliant mode


Shops and Store Chains
Shopping centers
Grocery stores
Museums, Fairs & Events


Reduction of queues and waiting times
Automatic management of cash desks opening
Staff optimization
Customer satisfaction



Technical specifications

  • All data is gathred in a totally anonymous way: the sensors detect only the presence of individuals at the checkouts and in all areas set by the customer, without any possibility of viewing or recording images.
  • The 3D people counter sensors are equipped with sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms guarantee an accuracy of over 98% even in poor visibility conditions (low light, presence of display panels, etc.)
  • It is possible to configure the system for the automatic exclusion of staff from the count, as well as the identification of purchasing groups.
  • Quick installation with no impact on the customer's network and infrastructure.

Analysis and Data

  • Monitors attendance in the checkout area in real time with alerts when the set thresholds are reached.
  • Get historical data on queue length, waiting times and check-out times, across different time and locations. All data can be exported and integrated into other proprietary systems.
  • Use the data to better arrange the display areas of the checkout and increase sales
  • Manage checkout staff according to real needs and improve shifts with predictive analytics.
  • Inform your customers about where free or short-queued checkouts are located