Evaluate effectiveness of in-store promotions and events

We help you evaluate the results of promotions and advertising campaigns, taking into account the number of visitors that each marketing activity actually brings to the point of sale.

Knowing the impact that every single communication action and every event has on the flow of visitors and on the performance of the store, you can objectively measure the "net" effect of the activities planned by marketing, distinguishing them from the other factors that contribute to turnover (assortment, customer service...).

The precise analysis of the effectiveness of the different formats used provides direct and objective indications to better allocate the budget available at the level of the chain and individual point of sale.

The processing allows you to have:

  • quantitative assessment of advertising and promotional measures
  • quantitative assessment of the performance of the different means used
  • feedback of the vehicle plan of different dealers
  • evaluation of the traffic of events
  • determination of the return in €/visitors for the different communication activities.