WiFi heat map. An effective tool to improve the layout of the point of sale, the display of products and evaluate the attraction of the windows

Thanks to the technology for the "detection" of smartphones at the point of sale, it is possible to collect valuable information on consumer behaviour.

The collected data is processed to generate heat map that provide a clear view of what are:

  • The routes most frequented by customers
  • The areas and products of greatest interest and the less frequented areas
  • Passes in front of the windows and the Peel-off (Glossary)
  • Percentages of visitors returning to the same point of sale or same brand

Data is collected in compliance with privacy regulations because only the Mac addresses of smartphones are collected.

All this data generates an in-depth knowledge of consumer behaviour at the point of sale and throughout the entire chain of stores to improve the layout, product display and effectiveness of shop windows.