Optimal management of the staff

Being able to allocate sales staff in relation to the number of visitors actually present in each hour and day of the week leads to a significant increase in turnover.


A valid customer service at the point of sale requires product knowledge, competence in sales techniques, listening, empathy, but above all the presence of an adequate number of staff to promptly respond to customer requests (Service Index). The adequate availability of professional staff is essential to increasing the number of buyers, especially in assisted and semi-assisted sales.


Reports produced using our MonitorEyes platform help you plan the distribution of staff hours for each store throughout the chain, based on historical traffic and store performance data.



  • The forecast of personal requirements for each individual point of sale and for the entire chain
  • The "what if" analysis to modify the parameters of the forecast model and simulate different scenarios
  • The optimisation of staff and shifts in relation to predetermined performance objectives.