Analytics Reports

There are many strategic analyzes and reports that can be obtained through the MonitorEyes | software CSMIn this section we offer some of the most used by our customers to maximize management and sales performance.


Analysis of the profitability indicators

The monitoring of the performance indices - of the single point of sale and of the entire chain - makes it possible to objectively evaluate the results obtained and to establish the future objectives in a weighted manner.

Performance indicators integrated in the MonitorEye system

  • They offer with immediacy and precision the potential of turnover, margin and traffic of a point of sale compared to the average data of the sector
  • Make it possible to determine the optimal level of sales staff for efficient personnel management
  • They analyse the effectiveness of the layout of the sales areas, providing more viable and profitable alternative solutions.

The strategic planning process is based on objective, verifiable and comparable data over time. Dashboards and interactive reports break down the sales mechanism into its most relevant components: traffic, receipts, average receipts, staff to support management in all the choices related to the development and management of a network of stores.


Optimal management of the staff

Being able to allocate sales staff in relation to the number of visitors actually present in each hour and day of the week leads to a significant increase in turnover.

A valid customer service at the point of sale requires product knowledge, competence in sales techniques, listening, empathy, but above all the presence of an adequate number of staff to promptly respond to customer requests (Service Index). The adequate availability of professional staff is essential to increasing the number of buyers, especially in assisted and semi-assisted sales.

Reports produced using our MonitorEyes platform help you plan the distribution of staff hours for each store throughout the chain, based on historical traffic and store performance data.


  • The forecast of personal requirements for each individual point of sale and for the entire chain
  • The "what if" analysis to modify the parameters of the forecast model and simulate different scenarios
  • The optimisation of staff and shifts in relation to predetermined performance objectives.


Evaluate effectiveness of in-store promotions and events

We help you evaluate the results of promotions and advertising campaigns, taking into account the number of visitors that each marketing activity actually brings to the point of sale

Knowing the impact that every single communication action and every event has on the flow of visitors and on the performance of the store, you can objectively measure the "net" effect of the activities planned by marketing, distinguishing them from the other factors that contribute to turnover (assortment, customer service...).The precise analysis of the effectiveness of the different formats used provides direct and objective indications to better allocate the budget available at the level of the chain and individual point of sale.

The processing allows you to have:

  • quantitative assessment of advertising and promotional measures
  • quantitative assessment of the performance of the different means used
  • feedback of the vehicle plan of different dealers
  • evaluation of the traffic of events
  • determination of the return in €/visitors for the different communication activities.



Wifi heat map. An effective tool to improve the layout of the point of sale, the display of products and evaluate the attraction of the windows.

Thanks to the technology for the "detection" of smartphones at the point of sale, it is possible to collect valuable information on consumer behaviour.

The collected data is processed to generate Heatmap that provide a clear view of what are:

  • The routes most frequented by customers
  • The areas and products of greatest interest and the less frequented areas
  • Passes in front of the windows and the Peel-off (Glossary)
  • Percentages of visitors returning to the same point of sale or same brand

Data is collected in compliance with privacy regulations because only the Mac addresses of smartphones are collected. All this data generates an in-depth knowledge of consumer behaviour at the point of sale and throughout the entire chain of stores to improve the layout, product display and effectiveness of shop windows.


Segmentation of customers by gender

The customer segmentation system provides valuable information on customer behaviour and allows you to classify visitors to the store or a specific area of the sales floor.


Possible analyses

In limited areas of the store, for example for monitoring promotional areas or corners, measurement of flow and stops, combined with segmentation by gender and age group.

The measurement of the number of visitors entering the store and its segmentation by gender and age group

At the level of the chain of points of sale, benchmark between the different stores in the chain, by traffic, CR and composition by age/gender of customers.

Integrated profiling

Thanks to our MonitorEyes platform, you can integrate the data collected by the face profiling system with the data of cashpromotional activities and sales staff to:

  • monitor commercial performance
  • evaluate in-store promotional activities
  • optimize the sales staff
  • evaluate the attractiveness/exposure of the products
  • send visual communication messages to specific targets, based on the gender and age of visitors.


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