MonitorEyes | CMS - Full Cloud Dashboard

MonitorEyes | CMS - Full Cloud Dashboard

MonitorEyes | CSM is a powerful tool for analyzing data gathered by our people counting systems and from third party sources in order to provide very useful analysis for strategic planning.


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MonitorEyes | CMS is the Retail Analytics tool made available to all our customers for the analysis of data collected by our sensors and other third-party sources. It is a flexible and immediate tool for a thorough and accurate analysis of traffic flows and customer segmentation of Shops, Shopping Malls, Buldings, Museums, Events and Fairs.
MonitorEyes | CMS makes it easy to monitor the most important KPIs and carry out business management and staff management optimization analyzes.


Software Visionarea - Ottimizzazione staff
Staff optimisation
Software Visionarea - Ottimizzazione orario
Optimisation of opening hours
Software Visionarea - Indicatori performance dei punti vendita: traffico, CR, POT
Point of sale performance indicators: traffic, CR, POT
Software Visionarea - Misurazione impatto promozioni e campagne marketing
Measurement of the impact of promotions and marketing campaigns
Software Visionarea - Gestione code
Queue management
Software Visionarea - Analisi efficacia lay out: heatmap
Layout effectiveness analysis: heat map
Software Visionarea - Loyalty: tasso di ritorno dei clienti
Loyalty: rate of return of customers
Software Visionarea - Peel off
Peel-off Analyis





Thanks to customized and interactive reports and dashboards, users can view data in all its dimensions and obtain useful information, otherwise undetectable, aimed at improving the decision-making process both in operational and strategic terms.


In order to ensure constant quality and reliability of the processed data MonitorEyes | CMS uses statistical algorithms to identify and promptly report anomalies that may occur in the activity of data collection and acquisition. The decision-making process will therefore always be based on correct and reliable data.


Even users who are inexperienced in analysis can operate in complete autonomy thanks to pre-set basic analytical models. The support of our specialized staff makes it possible to accompany the customer in the implementation of dashboards and analysis tailored to specific needs.


Access to the MonitorEyes | CMS platform is offered over the Internet in SaaS mode. The user can access the platform with their credentials via a PC, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection.


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