Segmentation of customers

The customer segmentation system provides valuable information on customer behaviour and allows you to classify visitors to the store or a specific area of the sales floor.


The customer segmentation system allows visitors to be segmented at the point of sale or in a specific area of the sales area.

Possible analyses

  • In limited areas of the store, for example for monitoring promotional areas or corners, measurement of flow and stops, combined with segmentation by gender and age group.
  • The measurement of the number of visitors entering the store and its segmentation by gender and age group
  • At the level of the chain of points of sale, benchmark between the different stores in the chain, by traffic, CR and composition by age/gender of customers.

Integrated profiling

Thanks to our MonitorEyes platform, you can integrate the data collected by the face profiling system with the data of cashpromotional activities and sales staff to

  • monitor commercial performance
  • evaluate in-store promotional activities
  • optimize the sales staff
  • evaluate the attractiveness/exposure of the products
  • send visual communication messages to specific targets, based on the gender and age of visitors.