Visionarea Retail Flow Index - December 2022

The Visionarea Retail Flow Index is a synthetic footfall indicator, that collects data generated by our People Counter Systems installed at a panel of Italian customers. Visionarea, through this exclusive data monitoring system, analyzes visitor traffic in the stores on a weekly and monthly basis. Let's see in detail December 2022 data.

Visionarea VA Index December 2022 People Countingng

Visionarea Retail Flow Index - DECEMBER  2022


The month of December recorded in-store traffic exceeding 7 and a half million visitors. A record number that ranks it first in 2022 as the month with the most intense traffic of the whole year.

Compared to the month of November there was a growth in visitors of +34% and compared to December 2021 the positive change in traffic reaches +51.3%. Very important numbers which nonetheless mark the strong return of consumers to the store, despite the very difficult economic situation. A trend that, as we can see by analyzing the graph below, has never stopped since July.


In the table below, the Visionarea Retail Flow Index data relating to traffic in Italian stores in the last year.

Visionarea Monthlye Retail Index Chart -People Counting


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