Visionarea Retail Flow Index - March 2023

In the article here below we will analyze Visionarea Retail Flow Index March 2023 Data in details.The Visionarea Retail Flow Index is a synthetic footfall indicator, that collects data generated by our People Counter Systems installed at a panel of Italian customers. Visionarea, through this exclusive data monitoring system, analyzes visitor traffic in the stores on a weekly and monthly basis.

Peoplecounting Visionarea Retail Flow Index March 2023

Visionarea Retail Flow Index - MARCH 2023

The Visionarea Retail Flow Index shows an increase in visitor footfall in stores for March 2023. This synthetic footfall indicator is generated by data collected from our Contapersone installed at a panel of Italian customers and has released its monthly update for March 2023. Through our exclusive data monitoring system, Visionarea analyzes visitor traffic in stores on a weekly and monthly basis.

According to the latest data, there were 5,167,608 visitors in March, an increase of 10% compared to February's 4,686,355 visitors, and a significant increase of 43.3% compared to March 2022's 3,606,539 visitors. These numbers indicate a steady rise in footfall, highlighting the recovery of retail after the challenges of the past year.

At Visionarea, we are committed to providing accurate and reliable data to our clients. Our People counters for stores tracks and counts the number of visitors, allowing businesses to make informed decisions based on customer behavior. With our people counting system, companies can optimize their operations, improve customer experiences, and ultimately drive sales.

As we move forward, we remain dedicated to supporting our clients with the latest insights and data trends. Stay tuned for next month's update on the Visionarea Retail Flow Index.

Remember, people counting systems for stores are essential tools for any business looking to track their footfall accurately. Our people counting system is designed to help companies measure and improve their performance, making it a valuable investment for any retailer.

In the table below, the Visionarea Retail Flow Index data relating to traffic in Italian stores in the last year.

Visionarea People Counting March 2023


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