CASE STUDY: "Chain Shops Scouts”

The Visionarea people counter and the MonitorEyes cloud platform have been installed throughout the national point of sale network.

Visionarea Scouts People Counting

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Scout was looking for a counting solution for its national network of sales outlets that could guarantee:

  • Count accuracy for every type of lighting and layout
  • Extreme flexibility in the management of line counting (in the event of changes to the shop's layout)
  • Efficient exporting of data to the company's management system

Visionarea Solution

The electricians who are regularly contracted by the customer have installed our 3D binocular sensors at all of the chain's points of sale.Visionarea remotely took care of the sensor settings and carried out testing. All sensors are connected to the MonitorEyes cloud. Scout uses traffic data not only to generate the shop's usual KPIs, but also to:

  • incentivise staff
  • assess shop locations
  • consider changes to opening hours
  • define staff sizing
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