Setting up and installation of an Integrated People Counting System for traffic monitoring within a growing Italian chain of specialized retail stores.


Dorelan Visionarea people counting




The Dorelan retail chain lacked visitor counting systems in direct stores.

Technical specific requests:

  • Visitor Counting Accuracy in any lighting and layout circumstances 

  • Setting up planned within 3 months of departure on the entire Italian retail chain

  • Flexible visitors management (people counter adaptable to future changes in store lay out)

  • Shop staff visits filtered by badge

  • Quick access to Data at Headquarters, Area Manager and Store level

  • Data Export to Dorelan management software system

Visionarea Solution

  • 3D Binocular Sensors setting up by a contractor, in collaboration with Visionarea.

  • Remotely Sensor Setting and Testing with Visionarea support, in real-time coordination with installers

  • Connecting all sensors to Visionarea's MonitorEyes Cloud

  • Data Access to different users at different levels (store, area, total chain) 

  • Alert Control System fin case of interruption in the flow of information


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