Optimizing the shopping experience: How Grupo Unicomer implemented Visionarea's People Counters in its 300 stores in Costa Rica.

Grupo Unicomer


The world of retail is constantly evolving, and understanding the flow of customers within stores is crucial to optimizing the shopping experience and maximizing sales. Recently, we had the privilege of collaborating with the prestigious Grupo Unicomer, a chain of stores specializing in appliances and electronics with a presence in Costa Rica and other countries in Central America. The challenge? Implementing an accurate and flexible visitor People Counting System in over 300 retail locations, ensuring a seamless experience for the customer and facilitating internal management. Here's how we tackled this challenge and provided a tailored solution that fully met the client's needs.


The Challenge

Before our collaboration, Grupo Unicomer did not have visitor counting systems in their stores. The main challenge was to ensure uncompromised accuracy in customer counting under all lighting and layout circumstances, considering that many Unicomer stores have very wide access points. Additionally, it was essential to plan the installation on a national scale, involving approximately 300 retail locations, and ensure flexibility in managing the counting lines to adapt to any changes in store layouts. Finally, the client required fast access to data at various hierarchical levels, from headquarters to individual stores, and data integration with the internal management system via APIs.

The Solution

To effectively address these challenges, we proposed a tailored solution that included the installation of 3D Binocular Sensors capable of ensuring accurate visitor counting under any lighting and store layout conditions. These sensors were installed by the client's own maintenance personnel, with the support and remote supervision of our team of experts. Thanks to our MonitorEyes Cloud Platform, all sensors were connected in real-time, allowing immediate access to data at all hierarchical levels required by the client. Additionally, we provided a flexible and intuitive interface for managing the counting lines, allowing easy adaptation to any changes in store layouts without compromising data accuracy.


Thanks to our integrated traffic monitoring solution, Grupo Unicomer experienced a tangible improvement in operational efficiency and overall customer experience. With accurate and real-time data available to decision-makers at all levels of the organization, the client was able to optimize staff management, improve product layout, and implement targeted marketing strategies to maximize sales.


The partnership between Visionarea and Grupo Unicomer demonstrates our commitment to helping our clients achieve their business goals through innovative and tailored solutions. Our collaboration with Grupo Unicomer is a tangible example of how in-store people counters can revolutionize the shopping experience and improve the internal operations of a retail company. With a tailored solution and unparalleled technical support, we fully met the client's needs and provided tangible value that contributed to their success.

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