CASE STUDY: "Mercato Centrale”

Visionarea’s People counting system  for the detection and analysis of visitors at the Florence, Rome, Turin and Milan sites.

Visionarea  Mercato Centrale People Counting

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The format, created in 2014 in Florence (San Lorenzo and Centro Commerciale i Gigli) has also arrived in Turin at Porta Palazzo, and in Rome at the Roma Termini complex, with its artisans' workshops, educational workshops, cookery schools and events. It has been planned for the very same to be opened in 2021 in Milan

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The customer's requirements:

  • Accurate monitoring even with tight groups of visitors in imperfect lighting conditions
  • Possibility to consult data in real time via the cloud
  • Integration of traffic data with the company management system

Visionarea Solution

The integrated inbound/outbound traffic monitoring system for each location uses the 3D binocular sensors installed at each market gate and connected to the MonitorEyes cloud. Via the Mercato Centrale platform, it consults traffic data online and imports them into the company's management system for comparative analysesforecastsoptimisation of resources and retail spaces. At the Mercato Centrale in Florence and Rome, located in historic buildings, we overcame the obstacles related to the architectural structure of the locations. 

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