CASE STUDY: "Miss Sixty”

Visionarea’s People counting system  for the 4-storey flagship store.



Miss Sixty, in connection with the opening of its flagship store in Vittorio Emanuele in Milan, was looking for a traffic monitoring system that would make it possible to know how many people entered each level of the store.

The customer's requirements:

  • Count accuracy 
  • Remote management and maintenance of the system
  • Discreet aesthetic impact 
  • Ability to adapt to different entrances (entrance door, stairs downstairs)

Visionarea Solution

The following have been installed: 3D binocular sensors laser technology on the entrance door and the connecting stairs between the levels. As agreed with the client, the installation of the sensors was carried out by Miss Sixty, while Visionarea carried out the surveys and set up of the entire system. The sensors are connected to the online platform MonitorEyes. for data consultation and analysis.