CASE STUDY: "Palazzo Reale Milan”

Real-time monitoring with Visionarea's People counting system  to manage queues and visitor flows within the museum.

Visionarea Palazzo Reale People Counting

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The Structure

Palazzo Reale- Piazza Duomo, Milan (IT)


The manager of the museum was looking for a people counting system for the real-time monitoring of visitors and traffic flow in the exhibition rooms, in order to support the security staff in managing queues and flows within the building. In particular, the client requested:

  • Ease of installation: no need to wire the sensors.
  • Accuracy even with tight flows of people
  • Ease of moving sensors when setting up new exhibitions

Visionarea Solution

The 3D binocular sensors have been installed at all exhibition entrance/exit gates. Specially designed supports made it possible to architecturally integrate the sensors into the exhibition rooms. Visionarea carried out the inspection, installation and calibration of the sensors. All sensors were connected to Visionarea's cloud via SIM card. The MonitorEyes online platform used to consult data - customised to the customer's requirements - includes a real-time counter of the number of people attending each exhibition.

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