People counting system  for traffic detection in different areas of activity.



Peck lacked a traffic monitoring system and was looking for an efficient counting solution for its different business areas (grocery store, restaurant, wine shop). The customer's requirements:

  • Count accuracy for every type of lighting and layout
  • Extreme flexibility in the management of line counting (in the event of changes to the shop's layout)
  • Exporting of data to the management system

Visionarea Solution

The 3D binocular sensors have been installed at all entrance gates. Covering the entrance doors from the street required wide-anglesensors, given the width of the gates in question. The physical installation of the sensors was carried out by electricians regularly contracted by the customer. Sensor setting and testing were carried out by Visionarea remotely. All sensors are connected to Visionarea's MonitorEyes cloud. Traffic data, in addition to generating the usual KPIs for the point of sale, is also used to assess traffic flows in the various environments.