CASE STUDY: "Real Plaza Primavera- Peru”

The People Counter  system has been used to monitor over 90 shops and food outlets at the shopping centre in San Borja Lima, Peru.

Visionarea - Real Plaza People Counting

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Real Plaza Primavera was not equipped with a traffic monitoring system inside the shopping centre itself.

The need to monitor customer flows between different areas within the centre was complicated:

  • from the absence of separating barriers between one area and another (the border runs in several places along a corridor several metres wide without barriers)
  • to different types of entrances used - travelators, escalators - with varying ceiling heights.

Visionarea Solution

We designed the counting system and installed 22 3D binocular sensors to monitor the flow of visitors between different areas of the shopping gallery. All sensors are connected to the customer's cloud, while Visionarea takes care of remote management and maintenance (sensor calibration, line tracking, precision control, data validation). and periodic on-site visits

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