Visionarea ran a massive replacement operation in the 18 US stores of Rothy's, installing its in-store people counters and monitoring visitor traffic with its retail analytics software MonitorEyes.

Rothy's Store Visionarea's Peoplecounter


In the world of sustainable fashion, Rothy's stands out for its bold vision and commitment to a greener future. With the production of shoes and accessories made exclusively from recycled and sustainable materials, Rothy's has established itself as an icon of innovation and environmental responsibility.

The Challenge

Rothy's was already using a people counting system in its stores, but now the need was to achieve greater accuracy in counting and timeliness in data collection. This is where Visionarea comes in, a leader in people counting solutions for stores, which carried out a massive replacement operation.

Rothy's store
A Rothy's Store


The Solution

Visionarea provided a complete and customized solution, installing its advanced people counting sensors in 18 Rothy's stores across the United States. These digital sensors not only monitor customer flow accurately but are also easily implementable and installable in any commercial environment, from luxury stores to large retail chains.

The implementation of Visionarea's people counters was carried out successfully and quickly. Thanks to the support of our highly specialized technical team, the entire installation process was completed in just 10 days, allowing Rothy's to start collecting crucial data without any hitches.

But Visionarea's support didn't stop there. We provided comprehensive assistance even after the installation, ensuring that Rothy's store staff were adequately trained in using our data analysis software, MonitorEyes This intuitive and powerful software allows Rothy's to easily access customer traffic data through an online portal integrated with their information system.


Thanks to the partnership with Visionarea, Rothy's obtained a detailed overview of customer behavior in its stores, enabling informed decisions to optimize the customer experience and maximize sales.

Visionarea stands alongside companies to redefine how stores analyze and utilize customer traffic data. If you also wish to improve your store's performance, don't hesitate to contact us and discover how Visionarea's retail traffic counters can make a difference for you.

Visionarea's People Counting System

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