CASE STUDY: "Sagat - Turin Airport”

Provision of an integrated monitoring traffic system for all bathroom facilities at Turin Caselle Airport. 


Contact person

Airport Operations Manager


Sagat wanted to ensure a uniform level of cleanliness for all of the airport's toilet facilities. In order to achieve this, the cleaning staff's work must be scaled appropriately in relation to the actual use of the toilets.  The number of users in the terminal toilets varies greatly throughout the day, as it is linked to the rhythm of departing or arriving flights. Sagat was looking for a traffic monitoring system that would allow them to know the number of people entering each individual facility in real time.

The customer's requirements:

  • Timeliness of counting
  • Remote management and maintenance of the system
  • Robust sensors
  • System modularity 

Visionarea Solution

IP 65 box-protected sensors were installed on the entrance doors of all the airport's toilet facilities. Data is then sent to the MonitorEyes cloud via data collectors who are connected wirelessly to the sensors. Data query reports are distributed by e-mail to users, based on specifications requested by the customer. The physical installation of the sensors was carried out by Visionarea, which performed the surveys and set up of the sensors.