CASE STUDY: "SKY building canteen entrance management”

Application of the Entrance Management Module + Queues for real-time monitoring of free seats in the canteen at Sky's headquarters in Milan.

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Project summary

Design, installation and testing of a Person counting system to monitor the number of free seats in the canteen, in real time, at Sky's headquarters in Milan Santa Giulia. Updates on free seats in the canteen are available to all staff working at the Sky site instantly, via an app and monitors located at the canteen entrance. All in accordance with the customer's IT security policy.


In the process of progressively re-establishing normal business activity at the post-Covid site, Sky will progressively re-introduce staff to ensure that safety distances between individuals (Social Distancing) and limits on the amount of people in work environments are maintained. The canteen is a critical point for the amount of individuals working at Sky. The Facility Manager’s objective is to:

  • Eliminate queues at the checkout
  • Eliminate queues waiting for free seats in the canteen
  • Communicate seat availability to users in real time
  • Link the monitoring of seats to an internal reservation system with allocated slots to access the canteen.

Visionarea Solution

The 3D-S2 binocular sensors were positioned at each access point to the canteen. The sensors were connected to the Visionarea cloud - for faster implementation of the service - in coordination with Sky's Systems area. 
An interface has been developed for users, accessible from mobile phones and browsers, from which they can consult the occupancy level of the canteen seats in real time, via traffic light display (Green / Red ). The interface signals red when the occupancy level of free seats is higher than the percentage threshold set by the customer.
The customer determines the maximum capacity and the % threshold above which the red light is triggered. The system is effective in real time: the counter is updated at each entry/exit passage.

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