CASE STUDY: "Vialarga, La Rotonda and La Riviera Shopping Centres”

People counting system to monitor visitor traffic in 3 shopping centres operated by CBRE.

Visionarea - People Counting Shopping Centres

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3 Shopping Centres managed by CBRE Group: VIALARGA (Bologna), La Rotonda (Modena), La Riviera (Arma di Taggia, Imperia).   

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The Shopping Centre Manager was looking for a People counting solution that could guarantee count accuracy and ease of installation.

There were two binding requirements in particular:

  • Easy installation: no need to wire the sensors
  • Accuracy even with tight flows of people

Visionarea Solution

  • 21 TOF people counting sensors sensors have been installed on all entrance/exit gates to the centres.
  • Visionarea carried out the inspection, installation and calibration of the sensors.
  • All sensors are connected to the Visionarea MonitorEyes cloud via SIM card.

The dashboard for data consultation - customised to the customer's needs - includes not only the display of standard data, but also:

  • Real-time reporting on the number of entrances and exits per single door and double doors at the shopping centre
  • Utilities with data visibility at the level of a single centre or the 3 centres as a whole
  • Additional customised reports made to customer specifications
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