CASE STUDY: Opera del Duomo di Siena

For the Opera del Duomo di Siena we designed, installed and tested a real-time monitoring system for visitors in various areas of the complex.

Visionarea - The People Counting Company

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Objectives of the customer

Monitor in real time the people present in each area of the museum complex (Museum, Sala della Maestà by Duccio da Boninsegna...).


  • Discreet" hardware to reduce visual impact in environments of architectural and artistic value
  • Accuracy close to 100% as some of the environments covered have limited capacity
  • Timeliness of data updating in real time.

Visionarea Solution

We positioned 3D binocular sensors at each perimeter access gate of the various areas.

A browser-accessible user interface to monitor data in real time, analyse historical series and manage the alert system.

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