Design, installation and testing of a real-time monitoring system for the people on each floor of the Sky headquarters in Milano Santa Giulia.

Visionarea Sky - The People Counting Company

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As Smart work becomes established, the number of people in the Sky office during the daytime is subject to strong variations (over time and between floors). The project to monitor these flows was carried out in compliance with the privacy and information security policies of the customer.

Customer requests

  • The facility manager, with his staff in the Control room of the residential complex, must be able to monitor the level of occupancy of the various floors to precisely adapt the services to be provided
  • The system for counting the number of people present in each floor of the building is carried out in real time

Solutions proposed

We positioned 3D binocular sensor at each perimeter access point on the floors (elevators, stairs, service exits).

The sensors are connected to a stand-alone Visionarea platform, installed on a Sky server in coordination with the Sky Systems area.

A custom interface accessible from the browser makes it possible to:

  • monitor the data in real time
  • analyse the historical series
  • manage an email alert system.
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