Frequently Asked Questions

Brief answers to frequently asked questions from new customers.

Do I need an Internet connection at the point of sale?

The Visionarea traffic monitoring system does not necessarily require an internet connection at the point of sale. Some people counting sensors anticipate the existence of the internet connection, others regardless of the connection.

Does the Visionarea system require a PC at the point of sale?

No, the system works without installing any hardware at the point of sale.

I don't operate in Italy, can I buy and use your system abroad?

Thanks to the cooperation with local installers, we cover needs anywhere in the world. We have customers with chain stores in the EU, Australia, the Far East, the USA and Mexico. In 2019 we opened an office in South America to follow closely the Latin American market.

What kind of sensors do you use?

We use the most suitable sensor technology for different situations in order to offer the best counting system: from IR to TOF to Optical 3D.

How much does it cost to mount the sensor?

Visionarea provides free quotes for the installation of the system with costs and intervention times.

Is it possible to carry out a trial period of the traffic monitoring service?

Yes, we do a pilot installation at a location of your choice. Without any purchase commitment.

Is it possible to activate the service without purchasing the sensor?

Of course. As an alternative to purchasing the sensor, you can activate a formula for using the service with rental of the sensor over several years..

When the site to be monitored has several entrances, how is the data collected and made available?

Usually each input is guarded by a sensor. The data of the various sensors are aggregated by point of sale, but it is possible to have the detail of the traffic of each individual opening.

I already have sensors installed in my stores, do I need to replace them to access Visionarea services?

No need to replace it with our sensors. We can capture readings from existing sensors and import them onto our platform.

Can I use my electrician to mount the sensor?

Yes, Visionarea guarantees the specific support for the correct installation of the sensor even in case of installation by your trusted electrician.

Once the sensor is installed, how long after the traffic data is made available?

Within 3 hours of installation the data is visible from the dedicated web portal.

Who uses the data of the Visionarea reports?

Our people counting system provides valuable information on the entire network of shops useful to senior executives, store managers, marketing (evaluation of effectiveness of promotions at the point of sale), human resources (optimization of staff deployment sales).

Is it possible to ask for clarifications - insights on Visionarea reports?

A Visionarea expert is always at your disposal for support that enables you to make the most of the information in the reports.

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