BI (Business Intelligence)

Set of tools and business processes aimed at the integrated analysis of data (structured and unstructured) to obtain useful information in the decision-making process both operational and strategic.


Closing ratio: conversion rate of visitors. It's the relationship between visitors and buyers. The formula for calculating it is: Visitors/receipts

Dwell time

Average time spent by visitors inside the store or mall.

Heat map

Analysis of the area open to the public according to the concentration of traffic in different areas. Hot areas are more crowded, cold areas relatively less.
A reliable and precise heat map allows you to identify visitors routes and points of greatest interest.


Organization of the space inside the point of sale.


Rate of return of visitors to the same point of sale or the same brand. It is measured in number of visits per time interval. Thanks to the WiFi/Bluetooth sensors it is possible to have the rate of return of visitors and not just the customers.

Measured accuracy

Difference between the measured value and the actual value of a quantity


Refers to the traffic analysis and identifies the evolution of a data set over a period of time. The recognition of patterns and their reiteration makes it possible to anticipate the future evolution of the series and to identify the factors that influence the trend.


Relationship between passers-by and visitors to the point of sale. Measures the effectiveness of attraction of the store.


Performance on traffic, it is the indicator of a point of sale's ability to sell. It expresses the turnover capacity for every 100 visitors. The formula for calculating it is: CR x Average receipt x 100.

Sensitivity to service

It is defined by evaluating the flexibility of the Service Index compared to the CR (Conversion Rate) rate.

Service Index

Relationship between visitors and sales staff. It is a quantitative size that expresses


Use the point of sale only as an opportunity to have a physical contact with the product - to see it, evaluate the details, ask for information from the clerks - and then make the purchase from an online retailer.


This is the number of people actually present at a given time in a point of sale. It can be calculated for different time details: hour, 15 min, 5 min.

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