TOF Sensor

The Time Of Flight (TOF) sensor does not require network cabling and is highly reliable in all light and temperature conditions.



  • High reliability in all light and temperature conditions
  • Counting accuracy up to 98%
  • Local and cloud data storage
  • All in one: no additional hardware required other than the sensor
  • PoE power supply
  • Colours available: Black or White

Technical Specifications

  • Laser technology
  • Installation height between 2m and 5m
  • Suitable for Outdoor installations
  • Can be installed directly on the door
  • Video control monitor
  • No need for network cabling


Laser technology uses the principle of flight time. The sensor sends a light pulse in a specific direction and measures how long the signal takes to go back. Since the speed of light is a constant value, the time is directly proportional to the distance between the sensor and the first object encountered by the light pulse . By sending multiple light pulses in multiple directions the TOF sensor is able to know the exact position of any object in its detection area..

The TOF sensor - especially in the version with 3G / 4G connectivity - is particularly suitable in very low light conditions and for temporary installations (for example Fairs, Events, Events).).

Questo sensore rientra nella gamma Visionarea per identificare massimizzare le tue opportunità di vendita.