Retail solutions

The advantages of the Visionarea people counting system for Retail.
Accurate and reliable data for analysis in the main areas of shop management.

Retail solutions
Store Operations

Visitor traffic data to measure and improve store operations.

Store Operations

Predicting visitor traffic trends

Real-time attendance counting and historical data (detail by hour, day, week, month, year), with alerts when the set maximum capacity thresholds are reached.

Measuring shop performance with sale conversion rates

Immediate and accurate analysis of a shop's conversion and performance rates (CR, POT, Service Index, etc.), their correlation with other factors (e.g. weather conditions), determination of potential turnover and revenue forecasts.

Detecting proximity traffic - attraction rate of shops

Detection of passers-by in front of the store (passerby) and in front of the shop windows, with evaluation of the entrance rate (Peel-off analysis) and incidence of returning visitors (through wi-fi tracking).

Sales Staff Productivity

Visitor traffic data to improve efficiency and staff satisfaction

Sales Staff Productivity

Optimising workforce scheduling

Optimise staff schedules to reduce labour costs while ensuring an optimal shopping experience. Increases the productivity of sales staff through artificial intelligence-driven traffic forecasts in real time.

Managing customer service in real time

Optimised management of staff employed in the different areas (sales, cashiers, bathroom cleaning, etc.) through identification of peak times and average dwell times.

Shop optimisation

Visitor traffic data to optimise conversion rate, layout and marketing

Shop optimisation

Marketing effectiveness: shop windows, entrance displays, digital media and in-store marketing

  • Quantitative evaluation (ROI) of in-store and drive-to-store advertising and promotional actions on the different channels used.
  • Visual communication messages within the shop can be changed in real time, based on the profile of visitors.
  • Distribution of turnover and visits by gender and age group with the possibility of 'returning visitors' (through wi-fi tracking), buying groups and excluding staff.

Buying behaviour: fitting rooms, displays, layouts

Analysis of the most frequented routes and average dwell times. Granular analysis of products of interest is possible, thanks to Eye Tracking.

Customer service: optimal service time

Automatic identification and management of congested areas such as queues at checkouts and tools for customer communication.

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